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Music isn't something you listen to, it's something you feel.

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My passion for house music cannot be contained. I will make it happen—no matter how long it takes me.

It's Not Right...

It's Not Right...

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I love l o v e L O V E sampling! 

Making some serious progress on this Whitney redux for “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay”, and there’s this one part that is just pure MAGIC. It sounds like a totally different song and song structure. The way it’s arranged sounds like she’s singing,

Boy, you’re gonna change [things have got to change],
Boy you’re gonna change [things have got to change], 
Boy, don’t be a fool anymore [you’ll stand no chance, boy], 
Or you’ll have to leave, leave, leave…

Back to work! 


I dont know why i feel so ambitious, or so confident right now. I’m the shiznit, i got to many sleepers and later they’ll regret it ‘cause right now anybody could talk to me, but later, that will be almost impossible. I’m gon’ be one of the greatest DJs/Musician ever. You better TAKE NOTICE! I’m…

It’s fun seeing hunger in young artists. This was Kaytranada a full four years before he indeed blew up (now). I feel a similar passion about my own music. 

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